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Welcome to Currency Return



I’m Diane Sack, CEO of CR International Services.

On behalf of my entire team, welcome to CurrencyReturn.com!
I’m the creator of CurrencyReturn.com and other platforms dedicated to helping victims of foreign currency scams.

I’m passionate about my mission of providing a platform for individual foreign currency owners to sell banknotes at the best possible prices.
CurrencyReturn.com was built to help consumers in search of fair exchange rates for thinly-traded currencies such as

  • Iraqi Dinar
  • Vietnamese Dong
  • Indonesian Rupiah

I have a great team with plenty of experience in helping people cash out of unwanted foreign currency holdings through fair, transparent sales at great prices.


We consistently debunked the Dinar RV hoax

We were among the first to alert the Dinar community to be wary of the “Dinar Revaluation” hoax.
And, we’re proud to offer a new alternative sales channel so you can finally avoid selling IQD back to predatory dealers who promoted their RV scams for over a decade.


I believe in currencyreturn.com

Most important of all, I’ve built my business based on the idea of returning stranded foreign currency to its country of origin, which is where it should be.

Traditional currency dealers have been importing and pumping the Dinar and other speculative currencies, by selling them as an investment for the future.

Worst of all, when desperate Dinar owners need to sell for immediate cash, those same dealers will offer to buy back their currency for only pennies on the dollar.


We’re the antidote against predatory dealers

In contrast, here at CurrencyReturn.com we don’t sell any currency to the public.
Instead we gather the banknotes that you and many other people exchange with us, then we return all to the country of origin.
Our goal is to serve the millions of Americans who want to sell their dormant foreign currency investments, but only at fair prices.
We tell the truth about the Dinar RV hoax, and we’ll make sure that you receive the best price for your currency.


Here’s our commitment to you

  •  Provide complete and accurate information
  •  Treat all customers fairly and courteously
  •  Offer America’s best exchange rates for foreign currencies
  • Pay all sellers immediately upon authentication of banknotes
  • Comply fully with all applicable local, state and federal regulations with regard to currency exchange and sale

CurrencyReturn.com is different

I built CurrencyReturn.com because the foreign currency industry is plagued by ruthless dealers who sell Dinar at high prices boosted with RV hype.

Yet, when it’s time to sell your currency, these same dealers will only buy it back at an enormous discount.

Currency Return offers a practical alternative for individual currency owners to sell banknotes at the best available prices, while avoiding high-cost dealers.

Here are some other reasons why you should return your currency through us.


US Treasury Registered

As the operator of CurrencyReturn.com, CR International Services LLC is fully registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) under provisions of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) including 31 C.F.R. § 1022.380 (a) through (f) as administered by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).


Fully bonded

We’re fully bonded for your protection. It means that under most circumstances you’ll be indemnified against financial losses if we mishandle your shipment.

You’re protected against lost or theft of your currency. You can file claim directly with our bonding agency if any loss were to occur. Please download a copy.


Safe & secure

We use military-grade security in all our operations, including secure internet sessions and 256-bit data encryption.

Our physical security and data storage measures include electronic locks and alarms, video surveillance and security personnel.


We send foreign currencies back where they belong

The main reason for our success is the fact that we don’t sell currency to the public or perpetuate the currency pumping.
Our only purpose is to buy foreign currencies from individual retail sellers, and we pay top prices.
Then we send it all back to its country of origin.
This way you can receive a fair exchange rate and avoid returning your currency investment to predatory dealers with low buy-back prices.


We’re here for you

My team and I are available to you anytime during business hours, and we’ll work hard to earn your business.

Return your Currency and receive Dollars now!