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If you’re looking for the best way to sell Vietnamese Dong or other foreign currency at the fairest price, Currency Return offers the best solution.

We offer some of America’s best prices for Vietnamese Dong and other foreign currencies.

We’re America’s leading exchange for VND and other foreign currencies.

That’s because Currency Return offers fair pricing through an alternative foreign exchange platform that helps individual currency owners avoid selling back to predatory dealers.

The Dong has long been a target for pump-and-dump sales schemes.

For many years, a group of four US-based currency dealers has been illegally  promoting the Vietnamese Dong to Americans as a foreign currency “investment.”

Yet, in spite of dealer hype the value of VND remains low because the Vietnamese economy has been stagnant for decades.

The big dealers alone have profited from the Dong – In the meantime ordinary American investors have been stuck holding this weak currency and hoping for a better future.

Of course, the same dealers who sold VND at inflated prices will later buy it back from desperate customers, but only for pennies on the dollar.

Faced with the option of returning their currency back to the same dealers who first gouged them, many Dong owners have refused to sell.


Now there’s good news – Currency Return offers a way to exchange and return your unwanted foreign currency at a fair price.

We help people unload the financial burden of holding Vietnamese Dong.

Through Currency Return, you can “cash-out” and have peace of mind in knowing that you’ve received the highest price for your currency.

Best of all, we sell the Dong we’ve gathered to commercial buyers for export.

That means VND banknotes are returned to Vietnam, which is where they belong.


Return your Currency and receive Dollars now!