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  • 1.General Questions
  • What is CurrencyReturn.com?

    Currency Return is a family owned business  focused on returning foreign currencies to their countries of origin and helping victims of hard currency scams.

    We're passionate about helping American consumers get a fair price when they sell their foreign currency holdings. .

  • Which currencies do you buy?

    Currency Return buys Iraqi Dinar (IQD), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and a few other currencies upon special request.

    Currency Return doesn't sell to any retail customers in the US – Instead, we only buy here.

    We return Dinar and other currencies to the country of origin.

    Currency Return buys from individual retail sellers at fair prices, so they can avoid being squeezed by the “Dinar RV” dealers who offer low buy-back prices.

  • Why did so many Americans buy into the Iraqi Dinar dream?

    Millions of ordinary people were swept up in the Dinar craze.

    IQD seemed to offer a perfect opportunity to profit from anticipated growth in the Iraqi economy.

    To make things worse, predatory dealers painted a picture of fantastic gains through a “Dinar Revaluation” that never materialized.

    Investors became trapped in the Dinar.

    As time passes, many owners are looking for ways to sell the currency at a fair price.

    Now that the false "Dinar dream" is over, the cash from this stagnant investment could be better used elsewhere.

  • Why is it so hard to sell foreign currency at a fair price?

    The Dinar and other exotic currencies were introduced to American investors years ago by a small group of predatory dealers and promoters (i.e. pumpers).

    These dealers still re-buy and re-sell the same Dinar with a large profit margin on each cycle.

    They buy currency back from their once-eager customers who are now desperate to sell, but only at very low prices.

    In 2015 the federal authorities began prosecuting dealers who lied about the supposed “Dinar Revaluation.”

    Since then American consumers have been dumping foreign banknotes, usually back into the hands of the same dealers who first overpriced them.

    In contrast, at Currency Return it's easy for individuals to sell currency at a fair price.

    That's because we only buy and export currency – We never resell it back into the US marketplace.

    By exporting all banknotes overseas, Currency Return can trade them at full value in their home marketplaces.

    That's how we ensure individual owners and small investors receive the highest prices when selling Dinar or other currencies.

  • Why are “circulated” banknotes worth a bit less than “uncirculated” notes?

    Uncirculated currency has never been used – It's still new.

    On the other hand, circulated currency has been handled and used in daily business.

    Just as it is with any other product, banknotes are usually worth slightly more when they're new.

    And, heavily-worn or soiled banknotes of any denomination may be worth very little.

    Currency Return buys both uncirculated and circulated banknotes.

    If there's any uncertainly about whether currency has been circulated or not, we can help assess its condition.

  • Why do small-denomination foreign banknotes sell for less?

    When it's time to sell Dinar and other currencies, small investors often discover that their lower-denomination banknotes are worth relatively less than larger denominations.

    That's because smaller denominations cost more for handling, shipping and storing than the same value in higher-denomination banknotes.

  • Do you authenticate banknotes?

    Yes, for safety and security we authenticate all banknotes before buying them.

    In our currency analysis laboratory we authenticate each note using several methods, including the De La Rue currency counter and other advanced counterfeit-detection technologies.

  • What exchange rate will I get when selling?

    It's easy to be confused about the actual exchange rate that individual sellers receive when cashing in Dinar.

    That's because there are multiple online sources showing a wide range of theoretical exchange rates for foreign currencies.

    But, the only way to achieve those faraway currency exchange rates in local markets is by selling back into the country of origin, as Currency Return does.

    We share the benefit of gaining higher local exchange rates by offering individual sellers a better price than traditional dealers ever could.

  • What's the step-by-step process for selling my currency?
  • Can I Edit My Order?

    To ensure accuracy each order is locked upon it's completion. If you made an error please create a new order by logging in under the "Client Area" and creating a second order.
    When you did your first order you were asked to setup a password. The username will be your email.

  • How Do I login to my account?

    Please navigate to the "Client Area" https://currencyreturn.com/client-area/
    Use your email as the username and then the password you setup when you did your first order.

  • 2.Verification, Processing & Payment
  • Which payment methods do you use?

    Currency Return has several payment methods –

    • Bank wire transfer
    • Paper business check

    We usually recommend paper business checks – They're fast and secure, so sellers receive money very quickly.

    If you have other questions about payment methods, just contact us

  • When you buy currency, what information do you request, and why?

    Depending on the size of the transaction - we're required by law to collect enough information to identify the seller before we complete the transaction.

    The government uses this information to help fight money-laundering and terrorism.

    We ask for the seller's full name and ID number as it appears on a driver's license or other government-issued identification.

    We may also need to ask for additional information for verification during the sale process.

    Any information we gather is subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

  • 3.Shipping Currency
  • How long does shipping take?

    Usually we receive currency packages within a couple of days after they're shipped to us.

    Then we authenticate the banknotes and send payment, usually within 48 hours.

    In any case, if the process isn't completed within a reasonable period of time, please contact us

  • What about insurance?

    When shipping any currency package, you're protected by our bond. Please only ship currency with tracking and signature via a major carrier.

  • How should I ship currency to you?

    We can accept shipments through either FedEx, UPS, DHL or US Postal Service.

    All of them are secure, and each offers fast, economical shipping to almost every community. Use the postal service only as a last resort.

  • Where should I send my currency package?

    Send it to –

    CR International Services, LLC
    4650 W. Spencer St
    STE 1
    Appleton, WI, 54914

    We confirm with the sender when we receive each package.

  • Can I ship my currency to you from outside the US?

    No, we are only authorized to purchase foreign currencies that are already physically located here inside the US.

    In addition, if you have Iranian Rial (IRR) banknotes for sale already here inside the US, we can buy them upon special request.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    The shipping cost typically depends on the weight of the package, plus its insurance value.

    Since we're centrally located in Wisconsin, the average shipping costs are reasonable for all sellers nationwide.

  • Can I deliver my currency in person to your physical location and get paid?

    YES, but For security reasons we can only accept prearranged appointments from verified sellers.

    Likewise, payments for currency are made only to previously-verified sellers.

    Cash payments are subject to management approval.

  • How can I get the highest price for my Dinar?

    To get the best price when selling, it's best to plan far ahead and choose a buyer carefully.

    At Currency Return we recommend selling currency before any financial pressures arise.

    That way there's plenty of time to assess the options for selling.

    And, it's important to know that individual sellers always receive a higher sale price when they avoid returning to the same dealers who first over-sold them.

    Currency Return offers the highest price when it's time to sell.

  • Do you buy Iraqi Dinar banknotes that have Saddam's portrait on them?

    No, we can only buy IQD banknotes that were issued after 2003, when Saddam Hussein's regime was ousted.

    Dinar notes featuring Saddam's image are nearly worthless because they aren't legal for commerce in Iraq.

    If you have a question about the value or authenticity of Dinar banknotes, we can help.

  • 4.Safety & Security
  • How do you use my personal data?

    We gather only enough personal information to complete a transaction and conduct our business.

    Sometimes we share information with our partners and trusted third parties, so that we can improve our services.

  • Are you licensed?

    Yes, we're fully registered with the US Treasury Department and authorized to provide our services.

  • 5.Customer Support
  • Can I cancel my sale?

    Most people are relieved once they've finally sold their foreign currency.

    Still, if you wish to cancel a sale you may contact us any time before we complete the transaction.

    Contact us

  • What are your business hours and availability?
    • Telephone – Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST
    • E-mail – Monday through Saturday
    • Live chat – Monday through Saturday

    Currency Return is closed Sundays and holidays

  • What about other questions?

    If we haven't answered your question here in our FAQs, just call us at 1 (844) 672-9311

    Or e-mail us at