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When you sell your Indonesian Rupiah through Currency Return, you’ll get a better price and avoid the high cost of other predatory currency dealers.

We give you access to America’s best pricing for foreign currency, especially the Rupiah.

IDR was a long-time darling of several US based illegitimate currency dealers, even though the relative value of the Rupiah hasn’t changed much during the past few decades.

This dealer cartel over-promoted Rupiah with a steady stream of glowing press reports about the supposedly-robust growth of Indonesia’s economy.

Indonesia was supposedly an up-and-coming economic powerhouse that would lead the entire Asian region in growth and profitability.

However, the reality today is far different – Indonesia is still struggling to pay its bills, and the goal of economic prosperity seems far in the future.

Indonesia’s social, political and economic problems are obvious and longstanding.

Yet, over the past ten years certain currency dealers have hyped IDR along with other illiquid foreign currencies to the point where millions of Americans bought into the fantasy of a rapid rise in value.

In fact, nowadays there are said to be far more Rupiah banknotes stranded in Americans’ closets and bank boxes than are circulating inside Indonesia in daily commerce.

That’s why the value of this much-diluted currency is unlikely to rise within our lifetimes.

Fortunately, Rupiah investors here in the US are a stubborn, adventurous bunch. They don’t give up hope easily.

That’s why so many are still holding on and waiting for good news about a price rise.

Although they’re “hung” in sluggish IDR investments, these hardy investors refuse to sell at a steep loss back to those same predatory dealers who overcharged them.

Rupiah owners are now discovering Currency Return as the alternative to pump-and-dump dealers.

If you’d like to return your Rupiah to a consumer-oriented foreign currency exchange at a fair price, we can help.

There’s no reason to sell your foreign currency at a big loss to the same sharks who sold it in the first place.

Want the most for your IDR?