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It’s important to know that Currency Return is unlike the high-cost dealer where you bought your Dinar or other foreign currencies.

We’re different because we only buy currency in the US, we never sell it here

Currency Return sends foreign currency back to its home country, so we always offer you the best price.

That’s how we’re different from the currency dealer who first sold you Dinar at a high price, then offered a losing price when you tried to sell it back.

The Dinar RV dream is over

For years American consumers paid inflated prices to buy Iraqi Dinar and other foreign currencies from a small group of predatory dealers.

These dealers pumped their prices with false claims about a supposed “Dinar Revaluation.”

Now that the feds have busted a couple of the worst offenders, America’s Dinar bubble has burst.

People have finally realized that the Iraqi economy isn’t going to improve anytime soon, and the “RV” was a false dream.

At Currency Return, we’re different because we never promoted the RV hoax.

In fact, we raised a loud early alarm in the Dinar community about dealers who sell at sky-high prices then buy back at dirt-low prices.

Currency Return is also different because we fully comply with all anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations, plus we’re registered with the US Treasury Department.

A solution for the Dinar problem

Over time, Americans have accumulated more than 2 trillion IQD worth of Iraqi banknotes.

Many small investors have a significant part of their savings tied up in foreign currency, just waiting for a fair selling price.

Now that the speculative frenzy is over, everyone is looking for a way to sell their holdings and move onward in life.

Some individual sellers are eager to sell, and a few are truly desperate for cash to meet emergency needs.

Yet, people are refusing to accept a “double loss” by selling their banknotes back to the same dealers who first overcharged them.

We send the Dinar back where it belongs

Currency Return is different because we don’t sell foreign currency in the US, we only buy here.

We return all foreign banknotes to their home markets at full exchange rates, not at the discounted prices offered by Dinar promoters

That means you receive the highest price when you sell to us.

Here’s why we’re different

It’s important to understand not only how we’re different, but why we’re different – For us it’s all about fairness.

We don’t sell currency to retail buyers, and the entire team at Currency Return is passionate about maintaining a fair marketplace for individual American sellers.

We watched the rise of the Dinar as an investment hyped by a handful of big dealers who dominated the US marketplace. And, we saw the fall coming.

Each of us has experienced the joys and pains of owning foreign currency, and when it was time to sell, we’ve all lived the nightmares.

Here at Currency Return, we’ve seen the anger and disappointment that come when desperate individuals try to sell their Dinar back to dealers who only offer low buy-back prices..

That’s why we’re different – Instead of accepting an unfair loss, we’ve built a business that offers you a fair price when you sell foreign currency.


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