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CurrencyReturn.com Terms of Use

CurrencyReturn.com and related sites (the “Site” or “Sites”) as well as any other online or digital assets, including but not limited to apps that access content from the Site, are being operated by CR International Services LLC and/or its subsidiaries, partners and affiliates (jointly and severally “CurrencyReturn.com,” “Currency Return,” “us” or “we”).

Site access is allowed only in full compliance with these CurrencyReturn.com Terms of Use (“TOU”) as well as any future changes. Please read the TOU below before you use the Site or any content, apps or services, or buy products available through the Site (the “Service” or “Services”). By using any Service, you are acknowledging that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not agree with this TOU, you should not use the Services or the Site.


By using the Site or Services you acknowledge, understand and agree that all such use is at your sole risk with regard to any damages or loss of data to your computer or mobile device. All Services and content are offered on a “where-is,” “as-is” and “where available” basis and may be subject to change at any moment without prior notice. CurrencyReturn.com does not give any type of warranty, nor do we make any representation, whether implied, express, statutory or otherwise, with respect to the Site or Services except as specifically provided herein.

CurrencyReturn.com expressly disclaims any warranty as to accuracy, reliability, performance, non-infringement, completeness, freedom from viruses or malware, merchantability, or suitability of our content, Site or Services for any particular purpose. No warranty of any kind can modify the terms of this TOU or this Disclaimer paragraph. If you were dissatisfied with CurrencyReturn.com in any way, your exclusive and sole remedy would be to discontinue your use of our Site or Services. You agree that this Disclaimer shall be construed to the broadest extent possible under applicable law in your jurisdiction.

Copyright notice

All copyrights with regard to our Site or Services, including but not limited to software code, design, text, graphics, images, video and sound recordings and all other content, are owned by or licensed to CurrencyReturn.com, unless otherwise expressly described herein. You may only access CurrencyReturn.com for your own non-commercial, private use.

Except as expressly stated herein, you must not copy, display, transmit, store, license or distribute any of our content, whether for compensation or otherwise. You may print copies and download our content, but you must not use any of our graphics, images, recordings, videos or other content without our prior express written consent. Linking to our Site or Services is permitted only with our prior express written consent in each case.

Notice of trademark

“Currency Return” or “CurrencyReturn.com” or similar-name websites on different domains, and our logos, are our trademarks and we reserve all rights with respect to them.

Web content

The content and information available through our Site and Services are subject to change without notice. Your eligibility to use our Site and Services may be subject to geographic restrictions. By offering our content, we do not make any solicitation of anyone to use such content or services in any jurisdiction where such content or Services is prohibited by law.

Links to third-party websites

On our Site we may provide links to third-party websites. We have no control over the information, content, products, and services featured on such third-party sites. CurrencyReturn.com doesn’t endorse third-party sites, nor do we make any representations regarding such sites.

You are solely responsible for your compliance with any terms of such third-party sites. We make no warranty relating to the content of third-party sites. Under no circumstance shall CurrencyReturn.com be liable for any damage or loss due to your reliance on content, products or services from such sites.


CurrencyReturn.com may cease to operate any of our Sites or Service at any time, and we reserve the right to terminate at any time without notice your access and use of them, subject to this TOU.

Contact regarding content

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about any content which appears on the Site, please contact us at: [email protected]

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

We use reasonable skill and care when providing our Services. However, CurrencyReturn.com shall not be liable under any of the following circumstances –

  • If we were unable to fulfill any obligation to you because of technical failure, system outage, or for any other reason beyond our reasonable control, including war, terrorism, natural disaster or governmental action;
  • If there is any damage to your equipment or system as a result of using our Site or Services;
  • If there is any change to or deletion of any content or features of our Site or Services;
  • If there is any financial loss following or regarding the use of our Site or Services.

You understand and agree that if you were dissatisfied with any Site or Service, your exclusive and sole remedy would be to discontinue your use of the same. Our maximum liability to you, in any event, shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price of any Service.

Using the Site and Services

Our Site and Services are intended only for use by adults of 18 years or older, who reside in and access the Site or Services from within the United States, or within foreign jurisdictions to be approved individually at the sole discretion of CurrencyReturn.com.

The Site and Services may be used only for your own personal purchases. You shall not use CurrencyReturn.com for speculative purchases or commercial purchases, nor for investments or any other purpose except as expressly permitted by applicable laws and regulations. You are responsible for complying with all regulations and laws, including those regarding anti-money laundering and government-imposed sanctions.

You must provide us with all requested information in order to complete your purchase. CurrencyReturn.com reserves the right to request additional information at any time during the ordering process to enable us to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements and complete your order. We may at any time and for any reason decline to process any order, or any portion thereof. By placing any order, you acknowledge that the information contained in your order is accurate and truthful.

Updates to these terms and conditions

At any time and without any prior notice we may change or terminate the operation of any Site or Service, or change any term of these TOU. If we change or update these TOU, we will post such changes to the Site. You should occasionally review these TOU in order to become aware of any changes, and you should review these TOU before purchasing any of our Services. By using any of our Services, including purchasing any product through our Site, you accept such changes and continue to be bound by these TOU.

Legal jurisdiction and applicable law

You agree that our business relationship shall be interpreted and governed in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction in the State of Wisconsin.

These TOU and other CurrencyReturn.com terms, conditions and policies incorporated in or made a part of, are the entire agreement between you and CurrencyReturn.com regarding use of the Site or Services. We may assign all or any part of this agreement to third parties. If any term or condition of these TOU shall be held invalid, all remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect. The exercise or failure to exercise any condition or term within these TOU shall not limit our right to exercise any other rights under the law.

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